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In celebration of my third blogoversary (my blogoversary is actually in March but I didn't have my life together in March so I'm starting them now), I decided to start writing posts that summed up all of my knowledge that I've picked up from the blogosphere in all my days of blogging.  I'll talk about topics for both authors and reviewers including how to find reviewers, how to write a review, formatting your blog, and networking.  Optimistically, I'll be posting one a month for the next year!

How to find the proper reviewers, contacting said reviewers, and the different types of reviews (including ARC, beta, alpha, and regular R&R).

October: Review Writing
Ways to read in order to make your reviewing easier, the general types of reviews, and writing and publishing your review.

November: Blog Design
How to design a cohesive blog and choose your blog name and theme (mainly Blogger specific).

December: The Wonders of Images
A guide to some different sources of images, the uses of images in blog posts, and guidelines for citing images used in your content.

The Basics of HTML
Tracking Your Reads and Challenges
Plot Structure: What Makes a Good One
Common Posts Around the Blogosphere
Discovering New Blogs (ft. some of my favorites)
Collection of Major Book Festivals
Main Character Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

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