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50/50 Friday

50/50 Friday is a meme hosted by Carrie @The Butterfly Reads and I and focuses on the opposite sides of books (best/worst, differing opinions, etc).  Every week will have a new topic and several advance topics will be listed below.  The completed topics will be linked to their respective posts.

10/7/16 - Overrated/Underrated Book (Carrie) (Laura)
10/14/16 - Book to the big screen/Never to the big screen (Carrie) (Laura)
10/21/16 - Best/Worst villain an author has created (Carrie) (Laura)
10/28/16 - Character most/least likely to curl up on a couch and read a book (Carrie) (Laura)
11/4/16 - Best/Worst scene in a book (Carrie) (Laura)
11/11/16 - Best/Worst villain (Carrie) (Laura)
11/18/16 - Best/Worst book an author has published (Carrie) (Laura)
11/25/16 - Best/Worst world an author has created (Carrie) (Laura)
12/2/16 - Character most/least likely to go cliff-diving (Carrie) (Laura)
12/9/16 - Favorite/Least favorite main character (Carrie) (Laura)
12/16/16 - Animal Sidekick As a Pet/Never As a Pet (Carrie) (Laura)
12/23/16 - Sidekick Deserving Of a Spinoff/Better Off With the Group (Carrie) (Laura)
12/30/16 - Best/Worst food in a book (that you'd want to eat) (Carrie) (Laura)
1/6/17 - Character most/least like yourself (Carrie) (Laura)
1/13/17 - Most/Least Favorite Cover (Carrie) (Laura)
1/20/17 - Most/Least Likely to go Running in Sleet (Carrie) (Laura)
1/27/17 - Most/Least Favorite Spine Design (Carrie) (Laura)
2/3/17 - Best/Worst Book Read In January (Carrie) (Laura)
2/10/17 - Character Most/Least Changed by Their Hero's Journey (Carrie) (Laura)
2/17/17 - Character Most/Least Likely to be a World Traveler (Carrie) (Laura)
2/24/17 - Most/Least Intricately Built World (Carrie) (Laura)
3/3/17 - Best/Worst Book Read In February (Carrie) (Laura)
3/10/17 - Best/Worst Queen (or King) Character (Good/Evil) (Carrie) (Laura)
3/17/17 - Best/Worst Debut Novel (Carrie) (Laura)
3/24/17 - Novel Worth/Not Worth the Hype (Carrie) (Laura)
3/31/17 - Best/Worst Book Read in March (Carrie) (Laura)
4/7/17 - Best/Worst Conclusion to a Series (Carrie) (Laura)
4/14/17 - Lightest/Darkest Book (theme/atmosphere) (Carrie) (Laura)
4/21/17 - Favorite/Least Favorite Book in the ___ genre (your choice) (Carrie) (Laura)
4/28/17 - World You'd Like/Not Like to Live In (Carrie) (Laura)
5/5/17 - Best/Worst Book Read in April (Carrie) (Laura)
5/12/17 - Character You'd Want/Not Want to Meet (Laura) (Carrie)
5/19/17 - Character Whose Life You'd Want/Not Want to Live (Laura) (Carrie)
5/26/17 - Most Deep/Shallow Book in the ___ genre (your choice) (Message/Fluff) (Laura) (Carrie)
6/2/17 - Best/Worst Book Read in May (Laura) (Carrie)
6/9/17 - Best/Worst Place to Read (Laura) (Carrie)
6/16/17 - Favorite/Least Favorite Book in the First Half of the Year (Laura) (Carrie)
6/23/17 - Favorite/Least Favorite Format of Books (HC, PB, ebook, etc) (Laura) (Carrie)
6/30/17 - Best/Worst Book Read in June (Laura) (Carrie)
7/7/17 - Favorite/Least Favorite Supernatural Being (Laura) (Carrie)
7/14/17 - Favorite/Least Favorite Book Trope (Laura) (Carrie)
7/21/17 - Most/Least Favorite Character Name (Laura) (Carrie)
7/28/17 - Place You Buy the Most/Least Books (Laura) (Carrie)
8/4/17 - Best/Worst Book Read in July (Laura) (Carrie)
8/11/17 - Favorite/Least Favorite Font/Style (that a book is written/printed in) (Laura) (Carrie)
8/18/17 - Bookish Gift You'd Most/Least Like to Receive (Laura) (Carrie)
8/25/17 - Book You've Enjoyed With the Most/Least Pages (Laura) (Carrie)
9/1/17 - Best/Worst Book Read in August (Laura) (Carrie)
9/8/17 - Favorite/Least Favorite Cover Trend (Laura) (Carrie)
9/15/17 - Favorite/Least Favorite Series Cover Set (Laura) (Carrie)
9/22/17 - Author You'd Most/Least Like to Meet (Laura) (Carrie)
9/29/17 - Character Most/Least Likely to Run Naked Down the Street (Laura) (Carrie)
10/6/17 - Best/Worst Book Read in September (Laura) (Carrie)

End of Year One!

10/13/17 - Best/Worst Bookish Job (a job you'd want/not want from a book) (Laura) (Carrie)
10/20/17 - Favorite/Least Favorite Book to Movie Adaptation (Laura) (Carrie)
10/27/17 - Favorite/Least Favorite Scary Novel (Laura) (Carrie)
11/03/17 - Best/Worst Book Read in October (Laura) (Carrie)
11/10/17 - Favorite/Least Favorite Movie Tie-In Cover (Laura) (Carrie)
11/17/17 - Book You Were Early/Late to the Party in Reading (Laura) (Carrie)
11/24/17 - Book That Left You Hungry For More/Satisfied (Laura) (Carrie)
12/1/17 - Favorite/Least Favorite Book Read in November (Laura) (Carrie)
12/8/17 - Newest/Oldest Book You Own (Laura) (Carrie)
12/15/17 - Favorite/Least Favorite Sidekick (Laura) (Carrie)
12/22/17 - Best/Worst Christmas Themed Book (or book that takes place during Christmas) (Laura) (Carrie)
12/29/17 - Favorite/Least Favorite Christmas/winter-related Trope (Laura) (Carrie)
1/5/18 - Best/Worst Book Read in December (Laura) (Carrie)
1/12/18 - Best/Worst Book Read in 2017 (Laura) (Carrie)
1/19/18 - Book With Most Complex/Straightforward Plot Structure (Laura) (Carrie)
1/26/18 - Favorite Book Set in Winter/Summer (Laura) (Carrie)
2/2/18 - Best/Worst Book Read in January (Laura) (Carrie)
2/9/18 - Favorite/Least Favorite Ships (Laura) (Carrie)
2/16/18 - Favorite/Least Favorite Family in a Book (Laura) (Carrie)
2/23/18 - First/Last ____ Book You've Read (specific genre, etc) (Laura) (Carrie)
3/2/18 - Best/Worst Book Read in February (Laura) (Carrie)
3/9/18 - Favorite Book You've Reviewed/Not Reviewed (Laura) (Carrie)
3/16/18 - Best/Worst Graphic Novel/Manga You've Read (Laura) (Carrie)
3/23/18 - Best/Worst Classic Novel (Laura) (Carrie)
3/30/18 - Best/Worst Book You Read for School (Laura) (Carrie)
4/6/18 - Best/Worst Book Read in March (Laura) (Carrie)
4/13/18 - Favorite/Least Favorite Short Story (Laura) (Carrie)
4/20/18 - Favorite/Least Favorite Harry Potter Novel (Laura) (Carrie)
4/27/18 - First/Last Book Read in 2017 (Laura) (Carrie)
5/4/18 - Best/Worst Read in April (Laura) (Carrie)
5/11/18 - Series on Your TBR You'll Keep/Get Rid Of (Laura) (Carrie)
5/18/18 - Book You Can/Can't Bring Yourself to Reread (Laura) (Carrie)
5/25/18 - Book You Wish Was Recommended to You More/Less (Laura) (Carrie)
6/1/18 - Favorite/Least Favorite Read in May (Laura) (Carrie)
6/8/18 - Favorite Book Starting with A/Z (Laura) (Carrie)
6/15/18 - Favorite Book with a Short/Long Title (Laura) (Carrie)
6/22/18 - Favorite/Least Favorite Title (Laura) (Carrie)
6/29/18 - Favorite/Least Favorite Genre (Laura) (Carrie)
7/6/18 - Best/Worst Book Read in June (Laura) (Carrie)
7/13/18 - Favorite Book That's the Most/Least Quotable (Laura) (Carrie)
7/20/18 - Favorite/Least Favorite Red Cover Design (Laura) (Carrie)
7/27/18 - Best/Worst Book From the First Half of the Year (Laura) (Carrie)
8/3/18 - Favorite/Least Favorite Read in July (Laura) (Carrie)
8/10/18 - Favorite/Least Favorite Summery Book (Laura) (Carrie)
8/17/18 - Best/Worst Magical Power You've Read About (Laura) (Carrie)
8/24/18 - Ugly Cover With the Best Story/Gorgeous Cover With the Worst Story (Laura) (Carrie)
8/31/18 - Favorite/Least Favorite Intended Audience Genre (YA, NA, MG, Adult, etc) (Laura) (Carrie)
9/7/18 - Best/Worst Read in August (Laura) (Carrie)
9/14/18 - Favorite/Least Favorite Book Set in a School (Laura) (Carrie)
9/21/18 - Favorite Book Set Where You Live/Another Place (Laura) (Carrie)
9/28/18 - Favorite Book With the Most/Least Ratings (Laura) (Carrie)
10/5/18 - Best/Worst Book Read in September (Laura) (Carrie)

End of Year Two!

10/12/18 - Favorite/Least Favorite Black Cover Design (Laura) (Carrie)
10/19/18 - Favorite Longest/Shortest Series (Laura) (Carrie)
10/26/18 - Scary Book/Movie You Want to Read/Watch (Laura) (Carrie)
11/2/18 - Best/Worst Read in October (Laura) (Carrie)
11/9/18 - Favorite/Least Favorite Book Written Before 2000 (Laura) (Carrie)
11/16/18 - Favorite/Least Favorite Book Written During the 2000's (Laura) (Carrie)
11/23/18 - Favorite/Least Favorite Book with Food on the Cover (Laura) (Carrie)
11/30/18 - Best/Worst Book Boyfriend (or Girlfriend) (Laura) (Carrie)
12/7/18 - Best/Worst Read of November (Laura) (Carrie)
12/14/18 - Favorite/Least Favorite Book With a Purple Cover (Laura) (Carrie)
12/21/18 - Best/Worst Alternate Cover (Laura) (Carrie)
12/28/18 - Favorite/Least Favorite Read of December (Laura) (Carrie)
1/4/19 - Best/Worst Read of 2018 (Laura) (Carrie)
1/11/19 - Best/Worst Audiobook (Laura) (Carrie)
1/18/19 - Most/Least Shocking Plot Twist (Laura) (Carrie)
1/25/19 - Most/Least Overrated Main Character (Laura) (Carrie)
2/1/19 - Favorite/Least Favorite Read of January (Laura) (Carrie)
2/8/19 - Best/Worst World Building in a Fantasy Novel/Series (Laura) (Carrie)
2/15/19 - Character You'd Most/Least Want to be in a Zombie Apocalypse (Laura) (Carrie)
2/22/19 - Favorite/Least Favorite Sarcastic Character (Laura) (Carrie)
3/1/19 - Best/Worst Read of February (Laura) (Carrie)
3/8/19 - Favorite/Least Favorite Dystopian World You'd Want to Live In (Laura) (Carrie)
3/22/19 - Character Most/Least Likely to Commit Grand Theft Auto (Laura) (Carrie)
3/29/19 - Favorite/Least Favorite Sibling Relationship (Laura) (Carrie)
4/5/19 - Best/Worst Read of March (Laura) (Carrie)
4/12/19 - Favorite/Least Favorite Game of Thrones Character (Laura) (Carrie)
4/19/19 - Character Most/Least Likely to Make a Personal Sacrifice (Laura) (Carrie)
4/26/19 - Character Most/Least Likely to Laugh at an Inappropriate Time (Laura) (Carrie)
5/3/19 - Best/Worst Read of April (Laura) (Carrie)
5/10/19 - Character Most/Least Likely to Kiss a Stranger (Laura) (Carrie)


  1. I love the topics you choose each week for 50/50 Friday!! I forget, but have you done the topic of 'Author You'd Most/Least Like to Meet'?

    1. Thanks, Lisa! No, we haven't actually but thank you for the suggestion! We've done the character that you'd most/least like to meet but not author.

    2. I guess I must have missed the week when you did 'the character that you'd most/least like to meet". That would have bee a fun one to do!

    3. I've been thinking and we may decide to do a freebie rewind week where you can pick whatever topic you'd like to go back to. Keep an eye out for it; it'll probably happen in November!

  2. I've only just found this page. Now I can schedule way out into the future. Thank you!

    1. I'm glad it's helpful :) It's super helpful for me too, honestly, to keep all the topics and links in one place. Thank you for participating, Stephanie!


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