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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Elite by Kiera Cass

I never should have bought this without reading it first. The first book was amazing and I got it in a heartbeat but this one left me cringing within the first 20 pages. At one point, I had to restrain myself from throwing the book at the wall I was so utterly frustrated at the plot and at the characters stupidity.

The largest source of my grief? How America was jealous of Maxon dating the other girls. Honey, you're in a competition for his heart so you have to compete against the other girls. That means that Maxon will be dating EVERYONE. Not just you. Because of your behavior, he needs to find someone who will be more reliable. I really hate to break it to you but your bringing this onto yourself.

Alright, you know it's bad when I start talking to the characters. But seriously! I wish I could smack some sense into her head! In The Selection, I loved America. She was so strong and brave and different than everyone else. She didn't care about the crown and she stayed true to herself. In The Elite, she contradicts herself every other chapter! It's enough to drive a girl insane I tell you.

Most books I love reading a second or even third time but I couldn't even bear to reread the first sentence of this book. I almost never give out one or two stars but I had to make an exception for this book. Ms. Cass was really on the right track with The Selection but somehow missed the mark on The Elite. I'll still be reading The One so hopefully she'll get it together and write a fabulous ending to this trilogy that really in my opinion should have been a stand alone book.
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