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Friday, January 24, 2014

The Dark Side of Truth by Gary Caruso

Thank you Gary Caruso for a copy of this book to do an honest read2review!

**there are a few spoilers**

First of all, this book was just wow. As soon as I read the first chapter, I was intrigued as to what came next. It all starts out with Will's dad being arrested. Five years later, Will pretty much hates his dad and doesn't want anything to do with him. End of story. Except it isn't. Will meets Mason, a guy who goes to the same school as Will, and they go out geocaching. That's when the real fun starts and they find their dead science teacher: murdered.

The most significant thing I noticed while reading this book is the overall growth. Will's maturity level grows so much. In the beginning, he seems pretty dang shallow playing his video games all day and blaming everything on his dad (which he has a right to do... but still). At the end though he grows up and is able to reach those deeper thinking levels. The plotline also grows dramatically from just the murder of a science teacher to the uncovering of a secret guild that has their own secret place in history.

I loved the plot. If you don't allow yourself to really read the book, you may think it's dull when really it's anything but. There were a crazy about of plot twists (especially at the end) which came at exactly the right time. Just when you think the story is winding down and you wonder how you'll ever get through the next 50 pages, there was another plot twist that changed the game entirely.  The person who ended up being the killer was the person they all trusted which really through me through a loop.

Onto the characters. As I said already, I loved how Will's character matures throughout the book as he discovers... I really don't want to sound cheesy but as he discovers himself. His personal growth is one of the main attractions right next to the murder investigation! Mr. Burke was absolutely amazing. I loved his conspiracy theories and all the preparations he made. Especially since he turned out to be right about a lot of things. And Mason. He really is the perfect teammate. He helped Will through a lot of sticky spots which made him all the more lovable. The three of these main characters together made me laugh at the strangest moments and connect with the book.

Overall, I give this book a solid five out of five!
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