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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Resurrecting Blue Eye Books (with a snazzy redesign)


 Hello fellow humans of Earth! As you may recall it's been a hot few months since I've posted anything (November of 2019, holy macaroni and goblets) and the discerning eye may have even glimpsed a tumbleweed rolling across the screen. But now I'm back! Read on for all the updates.

The Life:

I have officially graduated with a BS in biology and creative writing! Yay! This happened in May and let me tell you, those last two semesters were doozies (hence the disappearing act). I made it through, though, by the skin of my teeth (side note: what is up with that expression?). I've been taking the summer off to get my affairs in order and generally figure out my entire future. All in a few month's work. What's in Laura's future, you may ask? Graduate school applications, I answer! I'll be applying to science writing and poetry programs in the coming months along with working and enjoying the life.

More relevantly, now that I've sufficiently relaxed, chilled, and otherwise emptied my somatic cells of stress, I'm itching to get back to blogging!


Coming Soon (to own on video and DVD; I've been watching too many old movies okay?):

A complete redesign will be coming (and has already partially happened). I'm adding more plants and green to the color scheme because I have become a plant fanatic (more on that in another post). I'll also be finishing up those tabs that lead to the 404 void and generally doing some reformatting and revamping.

For authors, I'll be expanding and updating my services list. I found a love of copyediting in this last year so I'll be doing more of that behind the scenes along with the usual reviews and other jazzy bits.

That's all for now folks! I shall now disappear back into the hole of endless HTML. How have you all been doing? How's your life? How's your mental health with all the upheaval recently? Have you tried any new vegetables lately?

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