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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Forever by Maggie Stiefvater

This whole series made me cry. Just reading what each character had to live through (or not live) was well... heartbreaking.

This is a five star series to me for many reasons but I'll just share one with you - the most important one (well to me it's important). This series was realistic. Well as realistic as you can get with werewolves.

Example 1) Sam and Grace's relationship. I love how it's mostly focused on the emotional and not so much on the physical. Granted, there's more physical stuff mentioned in this book than the other ones but there was still that balance. Also, at times, they found it hard to say things to each other. In some other books, the character can say anything to 'the one' but to me that seems a tad unrealistic.

Example 2) The plot antagonist/main problem. There is no world ending, no apocalypse, no extreme circumstances. While that's great and all, it's nice to know that some places in the world are still experiencing the basic problems of trying to keep a pack of wolves/humans alive. It's just a more manageable problem that everyday people can handle (well some people, I can't speak for everyone...)

So five stars!

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