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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Light by Karla Corona

So many thank yous to the author, Karla Corona, for allowing me to read this in exchange for an honest review!

I can honestly say I loved this book. This book is by a younger author and she did extremely well for her first book. It made me cry! That is some feels right there! I'll admit, I was slightly apprehensive when I started this book just because I've read so many fantasy books about fairies and such that I was worried it would just be a copycat book. It was quite the opposite. The plot was so far off the beaten path (at least that I've read) which I thoroughly enjoyed.

So the characters. As I read the book, I definitely saw growth in Alyna's character (Lucy). She's 16 and definitely acts exactly as one would. The only thing I have to say is that sometimes, the writing (especially the dialogue) was a little stiff and formal and not really in a conversational tone. Other than that, I absolutely loved all the characters! Especially Ray *blushes*.

As I already mentioned, the plot was so different than any other fantasy book I've read which was such a nice change. Ms. Corona wrote a fairytale that we all dreamed of as children but gave up on as adults. But no fairytale is all happiness and she perfectly integrated the elements of evil (namely faymons) into the story. Some things were left out, and then explained (or half-explained) later which sometimes worked and sometimes didn't. Also, there were a crazy amount of plot twists that had me going on an emotional roller coaster. I won't say anything or I'll ruin the surprise so I'll just tell you that it definitely keeps you guessing! The ending was fabulous. There's an ongoing theme/message throughout the book but it becomes clear at the end in case you missed it. Ms. Corona perfectly gathered up loose ends and sewed together the seams of the story, allowing the message to make it's way to the reader.

4 stars for this book! I love love loved it but there were a few things that took away from it's overall awesomeness. Ms. Corona has so much potential and I dearly hope she writes another book - you can be sure I'll read it!

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