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Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Fault in Our Stars Movie + Exciting Wendy Higgins Update!!

So guess what I saw yesterday?!  The Fault in Our Stars!  I BAWLED basically the last half of the movie.  My friend actually asked if I was okay at one point or if I needed to step out of the theater for a minute.  Like I was going to do that and miss the movie!  So anyway, as you could probably tell, I loved it.  It was just perfection like the book.  I know a lot of you don't really like book to movie adaptions because the directors leave out crucial scenes that they don't think the movie needs or messes up the characters or whatever else but this movie was really good!  Yes, they had to cut out some parts Highlight for spoiler(I especially missed Gus and Hazel selling the swing set.  The swing set was shown but not the ad or anything.  How it was directed was just beautiful.  If you loved the book I can almost guarantee that you will love the movie.)That's how good it was.

Here are the IMDB(movie), Goodreads(book), Amazon (book), and Amazon (movie) links!

Have you seen TFIOS yet or read the book?

Now for the exciting news about Wendy Higgins!  This was on her website!

"You see, I said I would never write this *particular* story, and I truly did not think I would.  Many of you have begged me time and time again to write more of the Sweet series from a certain character's point of view and I could NOT see it happening.  The thought alone was overwhelming because this character exhausts me and challenges me and tests my limits in the best possible way.  I didn't think I'd ever be able to tell his story.

Until the trilogy ended.  And I missed him more than I could possibly imagine.  I started to kind of crave having him in my head again, and I couldn't stop thinking about it.  So I wrote my agent who wrote my editor, and we weren't sure if it was going to happen, but IT HAS!  They want it!

I'm writing a complete novel from Kaidan Rowe's point of view!!"

Read more HERE.

I'll also be posting a book review later today... I feel like I should get on a regular schedule of posting so that'll be starting today!  I'll be doing book reviews on Sundays and Thursdays and possibly on Monday's if I read a lot that week!


  1. I want to see TFIOS (loved the book!!) And I'm so excited to read from Kaidan's POV!! (Even though I've only read Sweet Evil..I need to catch up :P )

    1. I hope you like it as much as I did! WHAT?! You need to read the rest pronto missy! Haha but yeah the rest of the series is amazing - I can't wait for you to read it!

    2. I hope so too!XD yeah I just got Sweet Peril! Now I just need Sweet Reckoning so I can read that right after i finish Sweet Peril (I hate waiting :P)

  2. I'm going to watch TFiOS soon! :) My real life friends are craaazy about it too XD I liked the book, and I absolutely love YA movie adaptions.....well......I love when they turn out well that is :P
    I haven't read the Sweet series yet but it sounds really good! :D

    1. That's awesome!! Haha don't we all! :D
      I definitely recommend it!


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