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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo - Favorite Subgenres

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Today's Topic: Favorite Subgenres - Self-explanatory.

Uhmmmm... yeah... You see, I basically don't have any favorites when it comes to genres... Well wait no, that would be a lie because I do love fantasy things!

So I guess I'll go into that...?

Fantasy is a lovely genre because it has all those mythical creatures in it!  Like dragons, faeries, warlocks, demons, angels, wizards, witches, and assassins!  I love all those things!

One of the best fantasy book series' is Harry Potter!

Dragons are also so amazing!  I loved the Eragon series and the.... blehhhh was it called the Firelight series??  By Sophie Jordan?  My memory is not so good today guys.

And of course the queen of assassins, Celaena Sardothien!  I also love Katsa from the Graceling series :D

Oh and I love science fiction!  Specifically dystopia's (that counts as a subgenre right??).  I just think it's so cool how each author's interpretation of the future differs and whether or not any of them will come true.  Because it is in the future right?  You can't know for sure if The Darkest Minds will become a reality!

It could happen!

Haha so here's the thing.  I just looked up the definition of a subgenre and found out I was basically doing this all wrong.  Well sort of.  But these are my own personal subgenres!  When I looked up examples, they were so broad like contemporary.  I mean, I'd have so much to say about that topic but there are parts of contemporary fantasy that I don't like!  So I broke it down into my favorite subsubgenres.  That's my style man!

What are your favorite subgenres or subsubgenres?


  1. I so agree with your choices! I love Fantasy and Sci-Fi and Dystopia's!! :)

    ~Carina @MyAddictionBooks

  2. I pretty much had the sub-subgenre issue, too xD It got so confusing, so I had to write it all out for myself to understand it. But we're pretty much into the same genres, so woot woot! :D

    1. Haha yeah... I didn't even try... Oops? Yes! You've got good tastes my friend :D


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