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Thursday, November 6, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo - #TBT - Favorite Childhood Books

The schedule and my posts so far!
Today's Topic: #TBT – Favorite Childhood Books - What were some of your favorite books way back when? This could be a read from before you could read, or what you spent summers by the pool with in high school.

Ugh this one is so hard!  Well actually... not really.  I was a total bookworm even when I couldn't read.  I'd crawl out of my crib, crawl over to my bookshelf and 'read' all the books.  When I was finished with each one, I'd set it next to me and create a towering pile.  I really didn't need much human interaction or entertainment :D

Here's some of the books I read after I did learn to read and some of my favorite children's books!

That's just a couple - like I said, I was a crazy bookworm!  And still am I suppose xD  I read these same books over and over again.

What are some of your favorite childhood books?


  1. I love your collection! I pretty much stuck to two middle grade series as I got older, but when I was younger I loved all sorts of stuff (as you could tell from my post!).

  2. Wow nice picks! I love the Rick Riordan books and the Diary of A Whimpy Kid's books! And I just got The Giver today! I'm really excited to start it and I'm glad you loved it! :D


    1. Thanks! TLT and DOAWK are amazing! I have the whole TLT series but the stupid picture wouldn't upload. I still have to get the spin-off series though (Heroes of Olympus). I have BoO but not the rest of the series yet! I hope you love it as much as I did!


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