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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tag Tuesday: Book Lovers Tag

I was tagged a while ago by Azee @Under Cover Critique (2/12/15 to be exact!).  I haven't been doing tags for a while and I thought I'd start to get back into them!  I won't be tagging people for the older tags because they've probably been done by everyone already but if you haven't done a tag that you really like, consider yourself tagged!  And with that, let's get into it!

1.  Do you have a specific place for reading?
Actually, not really.  I used to always read before bed but lately I've stopped doing that because I would always end up reading until 3 or 4am when I would have to get up at 8.  Nowadays, I tend to either lay on the floor of my room and read or I'll go for a walk outside and find a comfy place in the park to read in the warmer months.  Mostly, I just try not to read where I do homework because then, when I sit there, all I want to do is read!

When I have my own house later in life, I'd love to have a Pinterest worthy reading nook and a two-story round library like this one!

2.  Do you have specific bookmarks you like to use?
Not really, actually!  I'll use random scraps of paper or misplaced playing cards (I currently have a worn 10 of spades card that I use quite a lot!) or, when I read on my kindle, I don't need a bookmark at all.  Overall, though, I don't really use fancy bookmarks because I'm that person who's too afraid to use it in case I'll lose it!  Personally, I really like the look of worn bookmarks.

3.  Can you just stop anywhere in a book or do you have to finish a chapter?
A lot of the time now I end up stopping in the middle of chapters because I have to get up and do something else (my life is so time scheduled now!).  I don't mind too much, actually, because then there isn't any end-of-chapter cliff-hangers to deal with.

4.  Do you eat or drink while reading?
I do!  Most of the time I drink hot chocolate because who doesn't love hot chocolate?!  As for eating, I'll typically eat popcorn or chocolate (big surprise there!).  I just try to avoid any foods that crumble when I'm reading physical books.  Additionally, I'll usually read while I eat lunch so I can finish books faster.  I'll always read on my Kindle app, though!

5.  Music or TV when reading?
Never!  I like to have complete silence when I read so I can fully immerse myself in the story.  Whenever I try to multitask and read while watching TV (during commercials or something) I just don't get the same experience.

6.  One book at a time or several?
It varies for me.  Sometimes I'll be reading up to 4 books at once (physical, kindle app, kindle, school book) and other times I'll just be speed reading book after book.  A lot of Saturdays, I'll end up laying on the floor for hours reading book after book (once I read 4 books in one day!).  It all depends on what I have going on!

7.  Reading at home or elsewhere?
Usually, I like to read books I haven't read before at home just because you never know when a sad part could jump up on you!  I made the mistake of reading the ending of We Were Liars in public and I was struggling to keep in the tears!  I didn't entirely succeed because people still asked if I was okay.  If I don't have time at home, I'm still up for reading before class or during lunch/dinner.

8.  Read out loud or silently?
If I'm having trouble concentrating, I'll read some passages out loud.  Or, if a passage makes no sense in my head, I'll definitely read it out loud to try and understand it more.  Mostly though, it just feels weird to and I'll 'read' the words in my head.

9.  Do you read ahead or skip pages?
Never!  I feel like it's part of the experience to be surprised or have that suspense build up!  Of course, if I've already read a book, I'll just skip ahead to the good parts that I love (aka Throne of Glass series).

10.  Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?
I'm a contradiction for this question!  On one hand, when I get books, I try to keep them as pristine as possible.  On the other hand, I love worn out looking books that feel like they've been well-loved, you know?  I love that old book feel!  Most of the time, though, my books are unbroken sitting on my shelves :)

11.  Do you write in your books?
Like the question above, I'm such a contradiction!  I love the idea of writing notes and putting part of yourself in a book.  Except, when it comes to actually doing it, I can't bring myself to put pen/pencil to paper!  However, I do love it when the authors that send me books write something on the first page!

12.  Who are you tagging?
Like I said at the beginning, since this tag is so old, I'm not going to tag anyone particular but if you'd like to answer these questions, consider yourself tagged!

Look for more tags and award posts in the future!  I have quite a few in store!


  1. Laura, we are so alike on a lot of these! Especially the quiet when reading. I might have to do this tag.

    1. Really? I hope you do so I can read your answers! Thank goodness there's someone else! Everyone else I talk to seems to want music playing that matches the book but it's such a distraction for me.


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